Whimsical Fancies of the Infantile Psyche

Over the horizon
The illumination of day breaks
The shadows of night
Vanish in a burst of luminosity

Off in the distant field so green
Flowers blossom and grow
Basking in the sunlight
Reaching up

The colourful petals
Splashed with carefree beauty
Flourish upward
Emerging from birth

The sun kisses each leaf
Strokes each petal
Softly and sensually

Dancing over each blossom
Trots the worker of nature
The bee, singing its buzz
Gently extracting pollen

The supple air winds through
Gently caressing each
The blossoms swaying
To its alluring melody

From the steam
Spawns a new life
A bud; a seedling
Yearning for freedom

Pushing out
It breaks apart
From the green walls
From its prison

The vibrant pastel leafs
Unfurl gracefully
Becoming nature’s debutant
Flashing its exquisiteness

Over the rolling plains
The earth accented euphorically
With the daises, daffodils
Posies, lilies and roses

Again the breeze
Ripples across the land
Tickling the weeds
Massaging flowers

The wafting zephyr
Ensnares the petals
Carrying them over the air
Into lateral infinity

Waltzing on the air drifts
Upward to the inexhaustible sky
Intertwining benevolently
Into Lachesis’ threads