Lush Garden

My wrist were bond
My ankles chained
My soul trapped
In a world of fidelity
I was prisoner
I spent days in a dank prison
Inside looking out
Through bars
The sun didnít reach me
The rays just out of reach
He held the key
He the keeper
He the warden
He the cruel
He the soulless being
He the cynic
He the one who professed love
The one I longed to escape from
The one I struggled to get the key from
The one I cannot trust
The one who I loathe

My being fought
My soul sought freedom
My mind knew better
In a world of entrapment
I couldnít escape
I wanted out of my dank cell
I felt the bars
I felt the sun and air
But still out of reach
He toyed with the key
He kept the key
He kept it out of reach
He the ignorant
He the naÔve
He the little boy
He the one who was really a child
The one I could fight
The one I plotted against
The one I wanted to betray
The one whose true colours I saw

My soul won
My being victorious
My self free
In a world that I bade farewell
I can now flee
Iím out in the lush garden of life
I feel the grass
I feel the sun
They are soft against my skin
He lost the key
He the one who lost control
He the one out of my life
He the one who lost
He the one who shall weep
He the one who I left

I frolic amongst the sakura blossoms
I dance in the long grass
I spin beneath the sun
I am free
I have my wings
My chains are gone
My binds are no more
I have the key
I am my warden
I am my keeper

He is bond
His ankles chained
His wrist restricted
He lives in his own dank world
His cell his world
His days as warden over
I have the key
I throw the key away
I am free

I am a free spirit
And I will not go back
I love the sun
I belong in nature
The artificial cell behind me
The horizon before me