Big Brother

I saw you at school that day
I had felt lost and you smiled
I felt warmed by it and drawn to you
You offered friendship
I accepted it and embraced it
You treated me with unprecedented kindness
I melted at the sight of you
I couldnít help but to be drawn to you
You gave me confidence
I called you brother
You deserved it
You are really that to me

Your actions spoke loud
They were better than words
Your grumpiness may seem rude to others
I couldnít see you any other way
My dear big brother
You were a friend
I could trust you
I could turned to you
I could tell you my darkest secrets
You held them in confidence
You gave me a shoulder
I cried upon it
And you waited
While my tears dried
You in turn made me laugh
You knew the right medicine
And served it well
Thank you

We still talk
And I can hear your sweet voice
I hear the kindness on it
I see your eyes
They are warm with gentleness
Your lopsided smile calm
You reached out
And touched me
My very soul
With such compassion
I canít help myself
I am indebted to you
Words canít repay you
Your kindness and warmth
All I can do right now
Is be your friend
And hope for the same
In return from you as always
Big brother Ė my friend

We have no blood ties
We are not family
But around you, I feel we are
I feel you are my brother
You protected me from myself
You knocked reason into me
You did it like a brother
Even when you didnít
You did it because you wanted to
You did it not because you had to
You did
Thatís all that matters
Thank you, big brother

Youíre a friend
Youíre a pal
Comrade, chum, buddy
But youíre also to me
My big brother
I donít have a real one
But youíre close as they come