Cradle Robber

She said heís too young
She said it was sickening
She was repulsed
But I donít care
Itís my life

She looked at me strangely
She said I was too old
She tried to talk to me
But Iím determined
To get my life back

Sheís my friend
She means well and all
Her opinion has merit
But I want to live dangerously
I want to taste life to the fullest

She sighed in frustration
She tried again with reason
She was logical about it
But I need a new life
Even while taking her words to heart

She sighed and gave up
She knew her words were weak
She is still a good friend
But itís my choice
And I will take it

Iím a cradle robber
Iím upsetting the foundation
Iím too old
Heís too young
Iím robbing a cradle
I know
I donít care
She told me itís a no-no
But I canít help it
Heís too irresistible
Exciting and full of life

Never have forbidden fruit
Tasted so sweet