Die a Thousand deaths

Die a thousand deaths
Lie a thousand years
In the fiery realms
Deep in the purgatorial fires
Deep in the heart of hell

By my hand, I swear
By the teeth of Lucifer
Thy death shalt not be…
Thine end merciless
In mine world

Cat o nine tails
The thousand lashes
Methodically stripping thee of skin
Blood seeps from thy wounds
In a small puddle upon the floor

How thou dost bleed unreservedly
The pungent odour rising
The scarlet fluid crusting
Droplets raining from thy wounds
Into rivers at thy feet

Taste the Heretic’s Fork
Thou art speechless, admirable
A collar around thy pretty neck
Four prongs cutting thy flesh
Freeing more succulent blood

The gashes are wide
The snide smirk upon
My lips so cruelly
The cat’s paw down thy chest
Pleasuring those wounds

Sweet piercing screams
They echo from thee
Thy body twitching
In pained convulsions
The blood flowing infinitely

Thy head in a vice
The skull crushed into mush
The bone shattered like crystal
The blood oozing out
From the cap of the skull crusher

Aren’t thou dead as of late?
‘Tis thy timely fate…
Thy blood spilt
Thy soul left for feed
My ravens art ravenous

Canst thou expire?
Why dost thou haunt me?
Vile ghost, thou art an illusion
Vanish, be gone wicked image
Or die again

Die again… another thousand deaths
Lie in thy cesspool of blood… another thousand years
Still in the heart of the realm
Deep o so deep within
Buried in those burning flames

Perched o so high
On that pedestal of Judas Cradle
Balanced at a point
So delicate o so painfully

A wrong move
Upon my part, a slip
A mere utter of ‘opps’
And thou art impaled
Via thine ass… through and through
Thy mortal being

Silenced so sweetly
O so simply in that trap
The binding scold’s bridle
Muting thy blinding foolhardiness

Thy tongue chained
Thy words a muffled incoherency
A trickle o blood
From the corner of thy mouth
Words in thy eye, naught on thy tongue

And if thou art vivacious
Thou shalt be made an example
Bound in the stocks by thy ankles and wrists
Made a fool in the eye of God
And in eyes of thousands

Thou shalt crave o so sorely
Thy death instantaneously
And thou shalt die
Die again…

Die again and over… another thousand years
Lie in that bed thou hast made… another thousand years
Trapped in solidarity for eternity
In the burning inferno
Deep in the heart o the purgatorial fires o hell

And die a thousand deaths
By my hand
And only my hand
Shall justice be served
Upon a silver platter