Gift of Eternity

No price tag can mark it
No money can by it
No one can steal it
It can’t be sold
Or pawned for goods
It can’t be exchanged
And no refund would have any value
Nothing can replace it

Could you put a price on it?
Could you sell it?
Could you call it sincere?
Could you call it genuine?
Something so valuable
Cannot be priced

It’s free
Yet so costly
It’s water…
Yet diamonds
Could you price it?
Price our friendship?

Does it mean so little?
How can so much
Be so little?
Tell me why
Why do you put a price on it?
Do you not value it?
Do you not care?
Are you so cold?
Without a soul…

As children
We broke toys
As teens
We lost boys
As women
We have men
They all come
And they go
But we are stronger
We aren’t so cheap
Would you put a price on this?
On our friendship…?

Boys come…boys go
Girls gossip… girls cry
We saw them all
We kept our gift
Now you price it?
It’s the gift forever
The infinite gift
The gift of eternity

Could I price it?
Not me… not now… not ever…