The diseases of the mind
They taint it
They take away the kind
They lay it to waste
And stain the soul with contempt
Taking the mind
It makes it ugly
Ruining it; tearing and eating at it
Poisoning it with illness
Doomed to plague those who are weak
Those who are weak to freedom
The freedom of spirituality
And the beauty of an open-mind

You wasted it
You wouldnít embrace it
You shut it out
You looked at it hatefully
Just as you did the world
You bitterness was your downfall
It hurt you more than me
You were blind to it
Just like you were blind to me
You didnít see this
And itís too late
You wasted a chance
At something more than bigotry
But you were too naÔve
You were just a boy
Ignorance is something you knew
Despite the intellect you possessed
It was a cloak for what you didnít know
You let your bigotry waste your mind
It wasted what beauty could have been in
Even your soul was ugly
It lacked beauty because you made it ugly
Rose colour glass made it beautiful
Reality made it ugly

You soul is barren
The wind gusts through
Tumbleweeds roll through
And you donít feel it
Itís the desert
Mine is a jungle
Thick and lush
You got tangled in chaos
You fled
It was too much
The light hurt your eyes
The beauty was blinding
The spirituality hurt you
The world was too much
It smothered you
I watched in glee
Cackling as you tried to block it
It wanted to penetrate
But your ignorance
ĎTwas too thick
Encompassing a vacuous space
That intelligence lives
No mind was there
Nothing to be opened for a world
A world of beauty and diversity
The seclusion is your downfall

Your own death
By your hand
Never by mine
Shall your throat be slit
The blood flow shall warm thy hands
My shall be white with purity
Unstained by your death
A suicide by bigotry
A death to the soul
A soul which you once shared
But shall now rot
Rot in the small world of chauvinism
And your backward ideals
They are your security blanket
They are your shelter
I am the storm
I am the clouds and rain
I am the coldness that rushed in
I brought a gust of wind
I ensued chaos
You were blown down
Swept up in the hurricane
You didnít resist
Then came the cold rain
And you fought

You battle against me
It was a mistake
You damned your soul
To a small world
A tiny insignificant world
I pity you
I pity your world
Youíll never know beauty

External beauty did you praise
Internal beauty you ignored
You wasted a chance
To swim amongst colourful fish
You swim in your black and white pool
The big ocean scares you
The small one scarred you

Itís a shame
You wasted beauty
For your pitiful world
My soul pities your seclusion
And all you wasted
By being stranded
In your mind
And the endless desert
The barren land
Th unforgiving land
Wasted by ugliness
Wasted you