Interview Failure

Add this up
Add this to your slate
Make this mark
The next on your stained record
Perfection you ainít
And never will be
You failed this grade
Your education is lowest priority
Failure is an ego booster
You slacked off
Now comes the price
Knowledge you lack
In your hand in the report
Of your shortcomings
They number greatly
You lacked redeeming qualities

Uncultured little farm boy
You didnít see anything but the sand
You buried your head
And waited for the good
Itís an illusion
An F to you
On hindsight
Which you sorely lacked

Down the list we go
The failures adding
To your previous ones

Ignorant little ghetto boy
The world is bigger
It had endless boundaries
It wonít fade away
Itís there Ė you shunned it
The diversity scared you

Further down the list
The sins grow
And youíll know

Dumb little naÔve child
Chauvinism your binds
Ignorance a barricade
To the bigger picture
That wonít fade
And will only grow

The list grew again
Adding more you never knew
To your failures

Egotistical arrogant incorrigible boy
Too full of yourself
Your faults ignored by you
Your arrogance is your downfall
But you didnít see
And now it shall be

Take the list
Read the accusations
All of your failures

Your failures infinite
Your backward thoughts
Narrow and small mind
Your pompous arrogance
Glaring sinful pride and lust

So-called intelligent child
Wherefore art thou
Swimming in pride
Basking in undue credit
Putting yourself up
On a pedestal
But you must fall
And go down to hell

Your failures are why
Nothing will redeem you
Take the list
And burn it
Make it go away
Though it never will

Failure follows you
Failure haunts you
Failure is your pride
Failure is on your side
Failure is you
Through and through

You only passed
Getting out of my life