Lesson in Love

Quiet down students
Now you値l get taught
A lesson your parents forgot
A lesson in love
They never taught you heartbreak
They are happily married
They never taught you hurt
They love each other
They never taught you betrayal
They are loyal to one another
They never taught you infidelity
They were one for each other
They never taught you anything
Anything except the bliss of paradise
They forgot what it was like
Like to have hurt feelings
A crushed soul
And shattered confidence
The pain of betrayal
A feeling of loss
Solitary confinement in life
Your lesson is only beginning
Students silent please
Listen to me
Your lesson will last a lifetime
You値l never stop learning
You値l always need a lesson
A lesson in love
Love makes you blind
It blinds the mind
And sense within it
And breaks hearts
Minds and souls
The fool in love
Hurts those nearby
And by and by ones self
Driving ones self to the bottom
Hitting the rocks
Reality hard as rock
Just as the lesson
It is a lesson
A lesson in love
A lesson in life
For now till end
From here to the end of earth
From infinity to eternity
A lesson you値l never forget
And one you値l take
My students