Little Boy

That is you
A little boy
NaÔve to the world
Too young for me
Youíll never be a man
Little boy

Youíll always be one
Youíve lost a woman
Because youíre naÔve
Little boy

Youíll never have a woman
Youíre a graceless child
Little boy

Youíre a delusional child
You live in a world of fantasy
You hide under your blankie
You pray for manhood
But that is only a dream
Little boy

You cry for your mama
You hide under her wing
You look for comfort
She tells you youíre her little man
But thatís a lie
Youíll never be
Little boy

Play with your toys
Live in your world
Look through that rose glass
And pray for a woman
One who will look past you
And see someone in you
That one not you
But thatíll never happen
Youíre too young
Too immature
And youíre just a boy
Little boy

The difference between you
And a man
A man breaks a heart
Boys dabble in an art
Their scribbles nothing
But marks on a wall
Your feelings are fleeting
A manís are solid
And that you arenít
Youíll never be a man
Little boy

Little boy
Thatís you
Thatís all youíll be
Nothing more
Youíre only a boy
A child trapped in eternity
In a world of make believe
Youíre little fantasies dance around
The elves and goblins sing sweetly
The lullabies to set you to sleep
In your world
Little boy

Youíre always a boy
Never a man
Give it up
A woman will never take you
Look for that little girl
Sweet pigtails and all
In all her immaculate virginity
Little boy

Youíre out of my life
Iím still a woman
I need a man
Youíre not him
Youíre just a boy
Little boy