Little Fox Spirit

Hey there little one
Youíre too quiet
I never hear you
You crept up behind me
You pounced and caught me
In a fit of giggles
We laughed heartily
I held you close my little sister
And listened to your soft words
Your gentle voice
Little fox spirit

Come here little one
Letís talk about life
Letís embrace sisterhood
Letís smile together
Letís cry together
And decry boys
And try to be ourselves
In a world of ugliness
Not changing for anything
Our identity
Thatís our pride
Isnít it, little sister?

Get out of the rain, little one
The hunters are nearby
They seek to gun you down
Crouch between the bushes
Come to safety my dear
Before they come for you
As the bounty and prize
In their sick little game
Of catch the prize
And escorting it on display
As an intoxicator for that ego
That bruised ego

Run little one
Run like the wind
Donít look back
The world is yours
Little fox spirit
No one can trap you
Not even you
Taste that freedom
And mock those guys
Who have the lock of hair
From that long, beautiful
Bushy sexy tail of yours
Wrapped in a mere ribbon
And no bounty