Look at Me

Look at me
Talk to me
Iím not a prize
Iím a human
Iím a woman
And I will make you hurt
You will pay for your ignorance
You will be hurting
You wouldnít do even that
You sat stupidly and waited
Waited for that finality
And you got it
Chicken shit
You wouldnít even open your mouth
Your chance to say something
You didnít take it
It would have been a confession
But that would have been too easy

Look at me
Donít turn away, insolent child
When I want to speak
You clammed up
You let the shit pile
Stupid boy
The turmoil crashed down
And you bailed
Yellow-bellied child
ĎTwas beneath you to talk
Silence dripped from your mouth
So dumbly as you stared ahead
Your sights dead
And to you
I a mere pawn
Was only a voiceless mime
Whose words fell unto
Your death ears

Look at me
Dry those self-pitying tears
You sulked when I bested you
You only made noises incoherently
Words were your weakness
You were too stupid to use words
Subtle expression was easy
It let you escaped innocent
Your damned hands pure white
Your being untainted by word of sin
Your silence your deadly sin

Donít look at me
Move away
You wanted it
Look at me if youíre a man
Look away if youíre a child
Run away little child
Donít look back
Donít look at me