Colour Me

Take the crayons
Open the box
The crayons are lined up
In an immaculate fashion
New, unused and perfect
Ready for the innocent child

Colour me a soft blue
Like the limitless sky
Floating majestically
Peacefully circumventing
Our humble earthly abode

Colour me ivy green
The accent of life
In the rolling valleys and fields
The leaves flutter
Taking to the air and flight

Colour me a rich red
The liquid of life; passion
Caressing my veins
Feeding the flesh life
Cloaking it with a velvet cloth

Colour me a pure white
Untainted by sin
Purest of all we know
The light in the night
A heavenly chime

Colour me a mellow yellow
The shade of our sun
The harbinger of life
And the container of
Of our contentment

Colour me a floral violet
A soft shade of nature
The dye of petals
Falling from the blossoms
Dancing through space

Colour me a bold orange
A fiery hue of humanity
A shadow of unfettered desire
The rebellion from the median
The yearning and unfurling courage

Color me a turbid brow
The dirt and muddy foundation
Of this humble life
Supporting it unconditionally
Asking nothing in return

Colour me tickled pink
The colourful hue of youth
And the joy of elation
Through light flutters
Of the fickle heart

Colour me a striking black
The feathers of the cocky raven
The satin shroud of night
The alluring mistress
Of the darkest hour

Colour me a shade of grey
For the hidden message
The secrets that we know
That which doesn’t meet the eye
Only the ears of the soul

The colours of the rainbow
Splashed across the sky
As the storm parts
Droplets of dew hang in the mist
Colour me the tint of freedom