Infatuation of the Soul

O what blossoms in the bosom of spring
As the season shuffles off this mortal coil
The binds that tie us, freezing our souls
The ice melting away, the soul radiating
The light strong, shattering the ice
The icy grave unable to withstand
The force of life as it bursts from the cocoon
To greet the spring air, spreading its wings
The colours dancing through the sky
The rainbow breaking through
The clouds of the storm parting
As new life shines through
The gateway of the soul forged
As it sets forth with chivalrous bravery
Into a rehabilitated world of verve
In which the sweet melodic song of birds
Resonates through the gentle air
Planting the seeds for ardour
We the butterfly glides on the breeze
Caressing the flowers with a kiss
The petals facing the luminous sun
The illumination dancing passed drops of dew
The moisture hanging in the morning air
Flowing off the glistening clear pond
Giving life to the fawn and doe who drink
Standing next to one another
Before silently vanishing
Back into the shade of the forest
Shyly looking back into the gentle world
The young pure orbs of onyx
Each peering into the other
Singing praises of woo
And pitching the emotion
Of which no word dare say
The eyes the door way to the soul
Of which raw emotion hides from the light
Scared of the pure life
Beckoning it forth into its embrace
The warm gentle embrace of life
The new life of which spring does bring
The renewed sanguinity and fancy
Of the young soulís whimsical desires