Ungrateful being
You’re a burden
You’re childish
Far too childish
Do not ask for help
Do not ask for anything
Stay on your own
You do not deserve anything
You ask for too much
And cower from the truth
It hurts, doesn’t it?
It hurts more when you’re ungrateful
Keep to yourself
Keep it all…
I don’t want it
Not now, not ever
You’re ungrateful
Selfish even
You want help
But, with it, comes truth
It’s harsh
So is the world we live in
Grown up, ungrateful being
Or, face tomorrow alone

If you were grateful
You wouldn’t scoff at me
Not when I help
Not when I tell you the truth
If you were grateful
You’d be rational
But, you aren’t
You’re cowering
You’re retaliating
Letting ignorance consume you
Taking over your sense
Too bad if you don’t like truths
Its there, forever…and an eternity