Majestic Galaxy

Outside looking out
Outside looking in
Inside looking out
Inside looking in

Trapped outside
Trapped inside
Trapped in the world
Trapped in this galaxy

The shooting star
Sails across the cosmos
The planets orbit
Colourfully in the universe

The black holes
Voids of nothingness
Wait and lure
In the innocent

The Milky Way
So white, a pearl white
A sight to the beholder
A void of mystery

The infinite universe
Laid out before us
Dancing seductively
Singing her siren song

The earth so insignificant
Filled with water blue
Grass green
And hopes renew

Life basks in the light
Life cowers in the night
Life looks to the skies
Wishing to defy

But, only few can abandon
Many of us trapped
In the cosmos of time
Bewitched by her beauty

We are trapped
In this glass orb
But we can dream
For what seems eternity

We look out
Into the majesty of the cosmos
Bowing in her splendour
Offering her only life

We are not important
We are only a part
We are one of many cycles
We are trapped

This green earth
Our mother earth
Is our home
And, our prison

Our prison filled with beauty
Itís seductively laid before us
Itís the forbidden fruit
A taste drops us from here

We tested limits
We have seen majesties
The northern lights
And glistening ice caps

From far above
Hovering in the sky
Have we witnessed life
Crawling, bustling, living

Upward we gaze
Our eyes caressing the sky
Endless searching
For an unanswerable question

Not many can find it
Those who do canít tell
AnythingÖ BoundÖ
Sacredness silence them

Our prison guard
The majesty of the cosmos
Silences all
With the glaive of death