Sleepless Soul

I cannot sleep
The sheep do not come
I see darkness
To light to save me from it
It’s around me
It’s kissing my soul
It’s biting it
The poison seeps in
Killing every cell
Polluting everything
Laying it all to waste
Yet, it lives on in pain

Writhing in the all-consuming night
The ruthless unforgiving darkest hour
The time when the dead rise
When there is nothing but evil
Evil ravaging the heart of man
Turning the purest
Into zombies of ill-intent
The creatures of the night
The soul snatchers
Those who rob many of souls
Leaving us no better off

In the darkness
I can feel them
They are near
I’m next; my soul is restless
I don’t want to be one of them
I’m me… I want to be

In the darkest hour
I fear them
They are closer
I’m their victim
They try to snatch my soul
I cannot escape
They will get it…
…for sure

In the night
The cries of my torn spirit
Cry in anguish
It’s ripped cruelly in half
It’s half-dying
The poison killing it
Softly… Slowly…

In the last hours of night
It writhes pained
It tries to escape
But, the poison binds it
Securing it in its anguishing pain
It knows it’s over.
Why fight?
Nothing is left

Only when the pure light
When the sun comes
Do the evilest of heart return pure
The souls in pain quiet
Their cries dying
Over the horizon they fall
But, it’ll never end
The pain is there
The tortured soul lives on
But, only half of a whole

The sun glares in
I cannot sleep
I try, but it’s all vain
And like the pain of my soul
I cannot ignore it
I have to face the day
But, now with a poisoned
Restless soul
That’ll keep me awake for eternity
Awake and fretting
Fearing those who seek to harm

None of us are free
We are all bound to this
This is our cruel fate
In the darkest hour
We all suffer
Slowly and painfully
There will be no end
The night…
She is unforgiving…
Her endless black velvet sky
Littered with stars cloaks her
Her cruelty hidden
As she poisons the purest
Turning them to her slaves to
To do her bidding…forever…
We are all destined for this hell

We will be forever sleepless
Our souls stir restlessly…
Who’s next?
All of us…
We all suffer
Suffer this cruel fate
The darkest hour…
It is upon us
And now
We shall never escape
It is here… Forever
For all eternity
For life…
Only ending in death…
In the death of time
In the death of the world

In this hour…
We all suffer…
Her laughter
The vexation upon us
The eternity of purgatorial hell
The inescapable destiny
We don’t make it
It is cast upon us,
As we are tossed with nothing
With no preserver
Into the unforgiving ocean
Left to drown in the abyss
Into nothingness…