Never 2 B 2

We are two and too different
Our minds project our differences
Together we are friends
No more, no less

In separation he seems better
The heart paints a pained picture
The colours are blue
As the wind that blew through
Caressing my ocean tainted tears
As they lodged in my mind
As they did figuratively in my heart

When we meet
We don't greet but rather display
It is a sign of no profound feelings
We know not how we feel
Secrecy is our wall
Too tall an obstacle to defeat

We leave; I'm alone
With my secrets dwelling within
I'll keep them
For we are too different
For us two to ever be
It is simply is better this way

A way as such
To live in absolute oblivion
Yet know the soul's truth
If either knew, both would hurt;
We'd bleed blood so blue
As streams of water
Tainted with our pain
And cry tears of blood
For our inner suffering
For our secrets could never be.