Welcome to Ink and Quill: Poetic License. This is the home to all of my poetry. I figured that since I was hosting some of my own fiction as well as other personal and fun stuff, that I could round off my collection by adding in a section that has the sole purpose to display all of my poetry. This page is only here for this reason. I am proving no personal analysis of my poetry, as I feel that the purpose of poetry is for the writer to express something in his/her mind in a unique literary format that they are comfortable in. The reader can then decide what they think it means. A writer may have an original idea in mind, but, the reader may see something else deeper - the hidden meaning.

I know what my poetry means to me. But, the meaning will not carry over exactly and the read will find their own meaning in my words. Therefore, I submit to you, the very depths of my soul in its purest form - poetic form. You be the judge of what I have written and decide for yourself what my message is. I can only deliver, I can't translate.

Go an embark on your journey, traveller. Feed your soul some food.

All of the poetry that is hosted here is mine. It's shared for non-profit reasons, however, because it is my intellectual property, any misappropriation of my material or any illegal distribution other than personal usage, is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use any of my poetry, please email me to arrange something.

~ Chikita

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