The Good Life: Fun Trivia

Nap timeThe cat's life is one that isn't very complex when they have a warm home, a full supper dish, clean cold water and a fresh-smelling litter box, in fact, there is really nothing for them to do, except to take naps during the day, sit on laps and gaze out the window at the birds and chase a few stray insects that are in the house. There is nothing stressful about such a life of leisure.

In the span of a normal day, these items are what are on the agenda of Crystal. She has it down to an art; perfected it:

♥ Demanding her supper through forceful meows.

♥ Sleeping whereever she pleases; the most popular places being the beds and closet.

♥ Dropping stuff in her water dish. Namely pieces of dry food.

♥ Sitting on laps, but when kicked off, purposely blocks whatever you're trying to do.

♥ Stalking the wild plant; she'll try and eat the leafy greens if not stopped.

♥ Trying to get outside for a whiff of fresh air.

♥ Hiding in the strangest spots, the favourite being in the food cubboard above the stove.

♥ Lying in the bathroom, on the cool marble floor during the heat.

♥ Resting by night in a small nook in the entertainment centre.

♥ Playing with the water dish simply to baffle and confuse.

Not such a stressful life, now is it when you have the life of a cat. You just do whatever you please whenever you please...

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