Personae Dramatis

Andreas, JC – a reincarnation of Nakago from New Orleans, Louisiana. He serves as a captain in the armed forces of the United States of America. In his spare time plays the saxophone for a local jazz band and dreams of finding Soi.

Beauregard, Aimée – a reincarnation of Soi from Paris. She is a quiet Parisian girl who enlisted in the army as a nurse to avoid a marriage she didn’t want. She is very ambitious and believes in the theory of survival of the fittest.

Dallas, Jeremiah – the reincarnation of Amiboshi. He is from San Francisco California. Orphaned as an infant, he never knew any other life. To escape the miserable life he had, he enlisted in the armed forces of the United States of America at the age of sixteen.

Dietrich, Theodor – the reincarnation of Tokaki, from Vienna, Austria, now in Berlin. He is one of three Byakko Seishi who have been reincarnated in Germany and is a member of the White Rose.

Faulkner, Marcus – Chichiri’s reincarnation. The man is a former lieutenant that fought in the Great War. He is now a retired monk who wishes to distance himself from the war.

Hongou, Yui - Seiryuu no Miko. Her family is attempting to escape Japan in the heat of the war; they don't feel safe there any more. She keeps dreaming of finding Suboshi again, she wants to feel his love again.

Llewellyn, Chelsea – the reincarnation of Chiriko. She is a soft-spoken but intelligent young woman from the Welsh countryside, who wishes to do something more with her life besides to be a housewife. She has a crush on Brennan Mackenzie, but also has her sights on his best friend…

Kennedy, Séamus – the reincarnation of Suboshi, from Dublin Ireland. He’s a far cry from his last incarnation. While he does get into fights, he doesn’t kill anyone unless he absolutely has to. He refuses to join the allied forces because of the horror stories he heard from his father.

Keplar, Albrecht – the reincarnation of Hikitsu, from Berlin, Germany. He’s an SS officer serving in Austria.

Mackenzie, Brennan – the reincarnation of Tasuki, also from Dublin. He’s nothing short of what he was before. He hasn’t changed much, he still curses, drinks and enjoys a good brawl. There is one difference, he now likes girls and is in love with Chelsea Llewellyn.

Marshall, Dwight – the reincarnation of Mitsukake. He enlisted in the British armed forces during the Great War. He is now a general, heading a large number of men he regrets having to send in to face German forces.

Schnip, Aaron – the reincarnation of Ashitare, also from Berlin. He’s nothing more than a pawn and works for the Gestapo.

Sculdich, Elisabet – the reincarnation of Subaru, from München, now in Berlin. She is also a member of the White Rose.

St. Pierre, Angelique – the reincarnation of Nuriko, native to Dunkirk. She is friends with Aimée and despises German occupancy of France, for very different reasons than most of the others, for she holds a secret that if reveal mean her death.

Stern, Achan – the reincarnation of Tomite, born in Austria. He’s the feisty younger brother of Arielle and isn’t afraid to pick fights and often picks them with the wrong people.

Stern, Arielle – the reincarnation of Iname. She’s the cautious older sister of Achan and tries to keep him out of trouble so the Germans ignore them.

Stonewall, Russell – the reincarnation of Hotohori, born in London. He’s an ambitious man, seeking peace, but is not afraid to get blood on his hands in order to get what he wants. He serves in the British armed forces as a captain.

Sukanami, Taka - The reincarnation of Tamahome, now living in Japan, married to Suzaku no Miko, Miaka. He doesn't much care for the war, and will do whatever he can to protect her.

Sukanami, Miaka - Suzaku no Miko, now married to Taka. She misses her friend Yui very dearly and wonders about her well-being, as well as where the rest of her Seishi are and if they have been reincarnated.

Van Eyke, Johann – the reincarnation of Tomo. The man serves in the German military and is a lieutenant with a sizeable brigade. He heads the small faction that occupies Dunkirk. He now has his eye on the one prize sought by JC Andreas, Soi.

Yorck, Wherther – the reincarnation of Miboshi. He is a spy for German forces and works out of the monastery.

Wendell, Nickolaus – the reincarnation of Tatara, born in Kiel (north Germany), now in Berlin. He also serves the White Rose as the communication specialist.