This section is not a summary but an explanation of the timeline the setting is placed and plot. Normally, the Fushigi Yuugi, the anime series, on which my fanfiction piece is based, is set in modern-day Japan, and in ancient China. However, for my own purposes, I have changed the year of the world of the Miko(s) to the time period between 1941-1944, then into the future.

Suzaku and Seiryuu no Miko haven't been placed in an alternative universe, they are both still in Tokyo, Japan when the story begin. However, the year is 1941 at the open of the story. Their Seishi, plus three of the Genbu and Byakko Seishi have been reincarnated and are scattered across Europe and one is in Tokyo. This idea is based on the idea of the Sequential Stories, only the time period of choice is the era of World War 2.

There are no other time fluxes in regards to the original anime. The timeline for the world of Shijin Tenchisho is the same, even in this piece. That remains untouched. It was the time for Suzaku and Seiryuu no Miko was changed to suit my needs for the idea for my fanfiction piece. Nevertheless, the actually time of the fanfiction piece is not necessarily chronologically fluid. This is because I switch between several stories for part of the story, until the end, which is when everything comes together. There are also flashbacks, but, they are inserted for the sake of explaining why something has occurred.

Now, because of the time period, the story's dialogue does reflect this. There are parts with questionable slang because it is either racially discrimination or offensive, but, because of the nature of the topic, such things are avoidable because of the way that history happened. The offensive content is as such because it was the reality back then, and in order to make the plot seem more realistic, I have included the offensive slang and mentality for the sake of accuracy.

While everything about my characters is fictional, all the events that are referred to for the most parts are actual events. There are historical figures mentioned and portrayed in this story, but, the purpose is not to mock or belittle their historical role, but, rather to add an element of historical value to it. The same thing goes for the places that are mentioned and described. These are real places (except for the world of Shijin Tenchisho), and have historically significant to the 2nd World War (as well as any other wars that have been alluded to within the depths of the fanfiction piece).

There are a couple of elements of the story which are out of the sync with the time frame that I have selected and are not true, but, that's why this is fiction. If it wasn't fiction, I wouldn't have included the fantasy

element, which is the reincarnated characters as well as their god-granted powers. This is a carry over from the anime; it was done because I thought it would make the entire story a lot more interesting, otherwise, it would have been a little dull. Happy reading.