Plura Ater Nox begins with Nakago and Hotohori's reincarnations facing off. Hotohori does not know what his relation to Nakago is, but, he knows that there is something he cannot trust about the man. Nakago does know and he used this knowledge to torment his former rival, until Hotohori does remember. Once the former emperor of Konan remembers who he really is, the relationship between the two intensifies. They then later find themselves in need of the other. Will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to take on a common enemy, or will they destroy each other before that?

Another pair of Seishi, Suboshi and Tasuki, are friends; they are also allies in the IRA, who want nothing to do with the English call to arms against the Nazis. They'd much rather stay in their own world until another young man crashes down into their life. Enter Amiboshi, who doesn't, at first understand why he gets mysterious injuries, until he meets up with his reincarnated twin. But, he is not the only one who affects the friends, a girl, the former Suzaku Seishi, Chiriko, has her sights set on Tasuki, who is smitten by her. However, he doesn't act fast enough, at least not right away. Will he not only lose his best friend, but also his girl as well? Will the friendship of the two boys survive long enough for them to grow old together? It doesn't look like it when Suboshi steps in between Tasuki and Chiriko...

When he is shown another light, Amiboshi decides that he would much rather not right any more. But, will it work out for him? Will the scorn of Nakago cost him everything around him, or will he not escape? If he doesn't escape, will he too get caught up in the call to arms, when Hotohori pleads with the twins and Tasuki to join their group? Will he be lucky enough to slip out of the fate that awaits the group, or will he be one of the unfortunate ones?

The general privy to this plan, who is not the leasy bit crazy about it is Mitsukake, whose dearest friend is nowhere to be found. The general has no confidence in the plan that Nakago has brew, nor does he want any part in it. However, does he have a choice? Will he be able to stop the captain, or will he be forced to go along with this and risk the lives of his men?

Meanwhile, there are two girls, amongst several others being held prisoner by Tomo and his forces. They live in perpetual fear of the men, for they are the enemy women and they know that will only be a matter of time before one of them becomes a victim. Will the resistance group that is led by Soi be able to survive, even if she is bewitched by Tomo, who seems to be captivated by her...? Will Soi, who was the backbone of the group, be able to protect her friends, including, Nuriko, or will she weaken and in the end turn them in just to protect herself?

Tomo has his sights on Soi; he is also the ruthless lieutenant that is the watchdog over this prison. Will he abuse his power to get what he want, or will he simply be able to sway Soi over to his side with a convincing words, enough to secure him an ally against Nakago, who he know is fighting for the allies.

Tomo's source for information is a soy, none other than Miboshi, who he believes as made a good choice and is able to cover his tracks well, until a monk who has been watching him closely steps in and catches one conversation, and in the end challenges Miboshi to a duel. There is an array of black magic that is cast and in the end, who will survive long enough to get out and share their information?

The monk, Chichiri, has his ties with Mitsukake... and his secrets. What is he hiding, and why does he risk everything in order to drive out Miboshi?

Linked to the French resistance group is the White Rose, based out of Berlin. They are a small group, to which Tatara, Subaru and Tokaki belong to. The three friends seem to be successful, or are they are lucky because the SS hasn't cracked down on them yet... What will happen to them if they get caught and by no one other that Ashitare, who is out for blood? Will they make it out alive, with enough time for Tatara to know that Suzano still awaits for him, or will they meet an unfortunate end?

In the depths of Eastern Europe, two kids, in their teens are trapped in a ghetto, merely because of their religion, and find themselves at the mercy of SS officer, Hikitsu, who offers them a promise of freedom. Tomite, the former friend of Hikitsu, believes it is too good to be true, while his sister (lesser known Genbu Seishi) Iname, tries to convince her brother that they can trust Hikitsu... But,can they? Is he really sincere with his promise or has he lulled them into a trap giving them a false sense of security?

On the other side of the ocean, in Japan, are the two young women who had been the last two drawn into the world of the book, Miaka and Yui. They are also caught in the midst of the war. The two are forced to go their separate ways. Yui escaped from Japan with her family, while Miaka remained back home with Tamahome. Will either of them be safe from the heat of the war, or will they both find a one-way ticket to the afterlife regardless of their choices?

When the groups collide; their paths crossing, who will live, who will die? Will those who were once allies be forced to fight against each other, while those who were enemies find themselves fighting along side those who they once fight, or will they turn on their newly found allies for the sake of an old one? Who, will ultimately be the winner, or will there be one? Who amongst everyone will find death at the hand of an enemy... or, even worse at their own hand? Will they be lucky enough to get out alive, or will they all be subject to the long cold vice grip of death?